Separation Equipment

The wide range of products offers a multitude of possibilities for the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, in all sectors and industries:

  • Metal shredding
  • WEEE
  • Demolition
  • ELV – End of Life Vehicles
  • Urban Waste Treatment Plants
  • Sorting Plants
  • Compost plants

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Slags
  • RDF – Alternative Fuels
  • Aggregates

No ferrous

Eddy current separators (R-SPM)

Eddy current separators Eccentric (R-SPM-E)

Separators cans and cartons (R-SLB)

inductive detection and blowing (R-SIM)

Separador por Corrientes de Foucault Excéntrico (R-SPM-E)


High Intensity Separator

Overband Electromagnetic Separator (R-SKM)

Permantent Overband Magnetic Separator (R-OMP)

Magnetic Drum (R-TMP) and Electromagnetic (R-TME)

Magnetic Roller (R-RMP)

Magnetic block (R-BMP) and Electromagnetic (R-BME)

Magnetic pipe (R-TMR) and Circular (R-TMC)

Bars, plates and other items

inductive detection and blowing (R-SIM)