REGULATOR-CETRISA, as manufacturer of metals separation equipment, offers different solutions for cleaning metal pollutants from metal shredding.

Origin of product could be heterogenic, coming from shredding cars, scrap… Different materials could be found: foams, textiles, glass, plastic… First, ferrous metals should be separated by a Permanent Magnetic Drum (R-TMP) or Electromagnetic Drum (R-TMK). In a second step, by means an Eddy Current Separator (R-SPM), Non-Ferrous Metals will make a new metal stream. Then, these metals will be able to be classified by automatic sorters made of sensors and vision systems (R-SIM).

When metal scrap is processed with different metals in, like stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, magnesium, etc., several steps are required, in series or parallel,

Now, we have to take non-ferrous metals out. An Eddy Current Separator (R-SPM) will be used. When a Non-Ferrous Metal crosses the induced magnetic field, it undergoes a repulsion effect and jumps a certain distance ahead of the Foucault drum and away from the glass. At this moment, we have clean glass.